• Flat Out Awesome
    Flat Out Awesome
    • New folding shelves packages.
    • Perfect for parcel delivery applications.
    • Each shelf is rated to carry 150 lbs.
  • Locksmith Packages
    Locksmith Packages
    • Mount equipment to workbench surface
    • Plenty of storage for materials and tools
    • Packages for all van models
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  • NEW! Peg Boards
    NEW! Peg Boards
    • Mounts to any flat surface
    • Variety of hooks available
    • Keeps tools secure
  • Ladder Racks Built To Work - Better Than Ever
    Ladder Racks Built To Work - Better Than Ever
  • Truck Application Guide
    Truck Application Guide
    Get our Truck Rack Application Guide.
  • The Perfect Fit
    The Perfect Fit
    Find the perfect fit with our Van Rack Application Guide
  • Safe, Quiet, Secure
    Safe, Quiet, Secure
    • Protection from shifting cargo
    • Protection from noise
    • Protection from thieves
    Find the perfect fit with our Partition Application Guide

Why Professionals Choose Holman

No matter your trade, Holman's array of storage and van accessory products let you customize your vehicles for your precise needs. As the leading manufacturer of truck and van productivity solutions, we engineer durable, long-lasting products that install quickly and easily, so you can focus on serving your customers.

But we can do more than equip your fleet. We can provide financing and acquisition services, vehicle replacement cycling, and cost control solutions for maintenance, parts sourcing, fuel, compliance, and tolls. We can even help you reduce risk and liability through driver safety and commercial insurance strategies.

Why Professional

Truck Ladder & Cargo Racks

Find the perfect rack for your truck

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No Better Rack. No Better Deal.

Holman makes the strongest production racks available, with bigger, thicker round tubes, and with extensive gusseting of legs and cross bars. They also feature ergonomic drop-down handles to make it easier to step up to your truck. Year after year, job after job, you can rely on our racks to stand the test of time.

At Holman, our bottom line is simple: we only succeed when you do.

Why Professional